Willa Holland Discusses Arrow’s “Big Plans” For Harley Quinn

Posted: May 26, 2015 in Arrow, TV Series

Could we have gotten more Harley Quinn on Arrow in addition to those short cameos in Season 2?

Arrow actress Willa Holland (Thea) talked about this subject a bit at the recent MCM Expo in London.

“We had big plans for Harley. But, I guess something came down from DC execs that told us to shut it down. I mean we had that tease with the pigtails and the ARGUS outfit but, we’ll never see it. We would love to Harley in Arrow but it will never happen,” Flickering Myth reports Willa as saying at the event (though without video, they may have been paraphrasing what is said in the paragraphs below.)

“Pertaining to all the movies that are being made and stuff like that in the comic book world, it’s also taken a side away from the TV shows,” said Holland. “Because we had the Suicide Squad and these things inside of it, ARGUS. We were going really heavily into that for a minute. And then, something must have come down from DC or some higher-up above that said ‘No, you must cease and desist because we’re going to make it into a movie and we can’t have anyone spoil that idea.’ We did get to see that little pigtail and the ARGUS uniform and the little treat of a Harley Quinn, and then it just got ripped away. If we could actually have Harley Quinn on the show, that would be amazing, but it’s never gonna happen,” she said.

Holland also talked about playing an empowered female as Thea, and the heroic journey that she’ll go on. You can see Flicks And The City’s video interview below. “I have very high hopes for the future, for women being empowered in television and in movies,” Willa says.

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