5 Tips For a Successful Blogging

Posted: May 1, 2015 in Review

Hello everyone, my name is Ogunna Jerome and after you have finished reading my article, am sure you will learn the little trick on how to start and manage a succesful blog and as well as make a living out of it.
But first I think u should know what blooging is all about, Open this link to know to know the real meaning and definition of blogging so you don’t get confused. What is Blogging?

But I would still like to bring you lightly on what blogging is all about.

  • Blogging is the act of writing a post for a blog or your blog
  • A person who Blogs is called a Blogger
  • Blogosphere is an online community of blogs and bloggers

  • NOTE: You can make real money out of blogging and also you can make a living out of blogging

    Its very important that when u want to create a blog site, you should know what you wnat to Blog about, there are many blog site in the internet and its more like a competition now than it were before. If you choose a topic you want to be blogging about, its pages way for you to develop your blog faster although it gonna need a lot of hardwork.
    For Instance: This is my Blog site Flicks Movies an am Blogging about hollywood movies and celebrity news. That’s. An example of a major Topic, you should choose yours too before you start.

    As a beginner, not that its not neccesary at first but it just the fact that you are a beginner and you should learn some facts and basics before thinking of going pro.
    Its not a must you must buy a domain name likewise its not must you should host it as well, as a beginner you should try the free version of wordpress and blog with it for a while. Visit wordpress to register your account and start Blogging.

    When you must have selected your blog topic, it is very important to search and visit other developed blogs with the same topic as yours so as to see the guildline and also give you a headstart on your Blog so you don’t get easy discouraged on the way.
    Also you follow those blogs so as to get notifications on their latest post and recent activities.

    This is where some bloggers obtain major problems,. Consistency, you must be consistent in your posting so as to b recognise. Start from maybe 2post a day, 5 post per week and maybe 10post per month, see how its goes.
    Some bloggers have the luxary of thinking they have to post 20times per day as to be recognised but am sorry its doesn’t work that way,. What you are posting must be meaninful, creative and exceptional as to draw traffic to your blog, someones single post that make a lot of meaning can draw more trafic than your 20 post in general. Take it slow, ROME was not built in a day. And while posting don’t espect even a single comment, don’t even espect a single comment in your first 100 post even if there are so meaninful and passionate. Give it time and I promise you, u will get there.

    And the last thing here is being passionate about what you are blogging about, that’s how you get a meaning out of each of your blog post. pretend as if blogging is like chasing after the new pretty girl you met at the hallway in your school and you went after her, imagine that feeling, if you do, then that’s what am talking about.

    This is a major problem to many bloggers around the world, many bloggers thinks that when they start blogging, they start making money out of it. Please if you are such blogger, I would advise you delete such mindset cus you would wait til thy kingdom come for your first pay.
    Take blogging as your hobbies, enjoy what you do even if u spend your money on it. That feeling you get when u spend much money on what you like and it keeps growing and spreading, that’s what am talking about.

    So after you must have read this article, I believe you must have learnt how to improve your blog as well as how to start and become a successful blogger.

    Though am not a professional in this course, if you feel like you know much about this article, feel free to share and lay down your thoughts in the comment box below.

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