‘Move Me’

Posted: April 30, 2015 in Review

Screenwriting from Iowa

WME story editor Christopher Lockhart estimates that over his career he’s read more than 50,000 scripts. No typo—50,000 scripts. So when he tosses out a piece of advice consider taking it to heart:

“Writing scripts is really, really, really hard. Get that right first. Do that right first before you start thinking about everything else. Because the truth is your script probably sucks, so all this other stuff that you’re dreaming about is a pipe dream …I’m always about just do the work. Find a great idea that’s a movie. Write it dramatically, write it cinematically, make it intriguing. Make it emotional. Move me. Make me feel differently at the end of the script than I did at the beginning of the script. Try to do that. Try to do that. If you can really, really do that then all of those other things will eventually come your way.”

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