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Fantastic Four – Meet Doctor Doom.

Posted: April 19, 2015 in Review

This summer’s other big superhero team takes the spotlight in a new Fantastic Four trailer. Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell star as Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, Sue Storm, and Ben Grimm respectively, who become Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and the Thing after a disastrous trip to another dimension. (more…)

Following a screening of next week’s Arrow, titled “The Fallen,” Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim participated in a Q&A session with reporters where, among other things, he gave an official answer to speculation that characters like Deathstroke were now off the table for use on the show, which some had speculated due to the Suicide Squad film that is coming.

“I haven’t been informed that he’s off the table,” Guggenheim told us. “We have Slade Wilson ideas, and we talk about it… I know that Manu [Bennett] is shooting another TV show in New Zealand, so there are some practical things, but he’s not off the table, at least as far as I’m aware.” (more…)

Will Thea be saved in Nanda Parbat?

The CW has released some official preview images for the April 22 episode of Arrow, and they might not reveal too many clues, though we do now know Francoise Yip is playing “The Priestess.”

The episode is called “The Fallen” and below, you can find the new pics.


Outside of its ever-growing cast, little is known about The CW’s in-development spin-off of Arrow and The Flash—not even its title—but the biggest mystery plaguing diehard fans is exactly who Caity Lotz will be playing. (more…)


Forget Miley showing her boobs yet again, and check out that armpit hair! Miley took a racy aerial selfie, barely covering up in nipple pasties, and revealed her hairy armpits to her 17 million Instagram followers. Alright, Miley!

The haters are going to hate, but Miley Cyrus, 22, will always just be Miley. The “Do My Thang” singer posted yet another shocking Instagram pic, revealing a whole lot more than usual! We’re not talking about her nipple pasties here, but rather the long armpit hair she wasn’t afraid to show off!

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Less than a year after marrying in a secret ceremony in Hawaii, Zachary and Missy have reportedly called it quits.

Say it isn’t so! After less than a year of marriage, Chuck star Zachary Levi, 34, and actress Missy Peregrym, 32, are reportedly getting divorced. The pair married in June 2014 in a secret ceremony in Hawaii, and there was already trouble in paradise not even six months after tying the knot, according to a report.

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Brooklyn has been wearing temporary tattoos as a fashion accessory, and can EXCLUSIVELY reveal he wants hot body tats just like his dad! The son of the soccer legend eventually wants an arm sleeve of real tattoos when he’s old enough.

It’s a case of like father, like son! Brooklyn Beckham, 16, loves his dad’s tattoos so much he wants his own body art one day, has learned EXCLUSIVELY. Brooklyn, the son of former LA Galaxy great David Beckham, 39, has taken to wearing temporary tattoos on his arms because he loves how they look, but he wants to get tatted up — with possibly a full arm sleeve — like David!

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Things are getting real between Scott and Kris on April 19’s ‘KUWTK.’ In a preview clip, The Lord is put off by Kris’ ‘ridiculous’ behavior and he yells at her for making him ‘look like an a–hole!’ Watch the clip here!

Scott Disick, 31, and Kris Jenner59, are going head to head on the April 19 episode of Keeping Up With The KardashiansAfter Scott “pushed and pulled” to get a deal done, Kris wants to back out but Scott is worried about looking bad — and he directs all his frustrations at Kris. Yikes!

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Arrow 3 Episolde 19 – Broken Arrow

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I was watching this episode and I was like WAWWW, this is the best series have watched in a long time,. I give dc comics the credit for their hardwork, this movie deserves an award. But what I don’t understand is how Roy would sacrifice himself in place of oliver. In previous episode, I taught captain lance knew that roy is the ARSENAL, please tell me am wrong cus at that scene where roy turned himself in, captain lance didn’t seem surprised about it,. He knew that’s what team arrow would do, they would try to cover each others backs (more…)