Teen Wolf Spoilers

Posted: March 9, 2015 in Review

‘Teen Wolf’ season 5 premiere date, latest spoilers: Major Character to be killed?

Dylan O’Brien

Last time out, we did report about some plots to expect once “Teen Wolf’ season 5 returns sometime perhaps in June. Among them included that of testing the romance between Stiles and Malia which will be put to the test as both enter their senior year.

We also reported the return of a mystery character, Theo, who is said to be returning with the intent of finding a new pack to lead.

An episode titled “Condition Terminal” will see two gay characters, Corey and Lucas. In the previous post we did mention that Corey would end up on the operating table for a strange wound.

The latest update is that the cast were filming for an episode last March 4 at St. Bridge, Santa Fe. However it was not revealed on what the set was all about, and for what episode. Knowing that has placed premium on locations to make teenage life as realistic as possible could get some people guessing on what the cast may have possibly shot over there.

And while the questions continue to rise when it comes to the influx of new characters and the status of main stars, word has it that one of the main characters could be axed eventually in season 5. However, it doesn’t look like the mystery main character will be permanently killed so there is that looming possibility that he or she would be back in future episodes or succeeding seasons.

With the season 5 premiere about a quarter of the year away, there will surely be more rumors and spoilers coming our way.

“Teen Wolf” season 5 is expected to raise the curtains come June, 2015. That is barring any delays which to this point have been smooth sailing as far as filming is concerned.

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